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I am composer, arranger, lyricist and music producer!
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Jazz compositions & arrangements

String Quartet

Churriana is the name of a pueblo, actually a “barrio” of Malaga, Spain. I lived there for half a year, so this piece is the gift I made to this pueblo.

Only you
Voice and String Quartet

A happy song with English lyrics and a solo instrumental part.
The lyrics are a honest and naive declaration of love 🙂

Arse riff

Well, a high energy 2:30 minutes riff based arrangement, for trumpet (or another soprano instrument), three saxophones, piano and drums.
Arse is the ancient name of Sagunt, the charming Spanish city where I live!

The band

A composition for a jazz quintet: soprano and alto (woodwinds or brass) piano, (slap) bass
and drums.

Classical music arrangements

Cantata 147. Jesus bleibet meine Freude, disguised in an African rhythm

String Quartet

It’s the famous chorale from Cantata 147, but presented in an unusual manner, furtively, disguised in the rhythm of a ritual African dance; on the support of the rhythm, voices come one by one, keeping the theme hidden , so that only when the rhythm is silent, the chorale becomes obvious, surprising, though the background of low voices was already present.

I have changed nothing from the Master’s script .
But I have included the African ritual and I shifted a little the voices, with the intention to outline the rhythm universality..
Agbeko it is an ancient dance performed by the people in the Southern part of Ghana. In his telling, Agbekɔ is a narrative piece that weaves together drumming, dancing, singing and chanting to recount the story of a small village.

This is the nice story! But in fact, AGBEKO is a WAR ritual!
So my arrangement is a way of saying that there are only a few steps between the horrors of war and the sublime, and that we always have a choice!

Other arrangements

Mocirita cu trifoi

SATB quartet

“Mocirita” is a very beautiful traditional Romanian song. A love song, of course.
The song it is very popular and very loved there, It can say it is emblematic for Romania.
I used contemporary jazz techniques, triying to keep the balance between accesibility and modernity